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Phil and Rosytha Cony:
Since January 1995 we have been helping people just like you, achieve success in our business with our proven business model.  Take a look at what we are doing to make money, more importantly, how we help other people make money on Social Media.

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Our mission

To help as many people as we can take control of their lives, creating a part time income that equals or is higher than their full time job income. Allowing them to sack the boss, give up their full time job and go full time with their home based business. Taking control of their life!
Review the information on this website, then hit the 'Contact us' tab at the top of each page and send us a message.

Let's talk about your future

Are you entrepreneurial, would you like to do something new and exciting? Be totally in charge of your own future! Running your own home business, for yourself but not by yourself!

If after looking at the information provided, you wish to move forward. We will offer you our full support and coaching. It would be awsome to work together!


Are you interested in creating multiple streams of income?
If you are we recommend you do the following...

Listen to Phil's message below, review all the information on this website then contact us.
We will then introduce you to our tried and tested done for you online system for developing a successful home based business. Just one hour per day working our online system will help you create a multiple income stream!

You won't need to do presentations, spend hours on the phone, do home parties and there's no traveling unless you want to!

You will have access to our Global Life Choices Academy which is our online training and support group. This will provide you with all the online training and support you need to achieve the level of success you are looking for.

Would you like to find out how our simple but affective done for you online system works, more importantly how it can work for you?

If the answer is yes, hit the contact us button and send us a message. We will get straight back to you!   

Who are we looking for?

Someone Coachable - Someone that has a burning desire to Create Success - Someone that is Dependable - Someone that is a pleasure to work with - Someone that has a ‘No-Excuses’ Mindset


We are a group of highly driven and motivated people that all have a passion to materialise our dreams. With a desire to make a positive impact on ourselves and those around us, we want to extend the invitation for you to join us. If you are ready to run with us, create your own success story and can appreciate the value of locking arms with a team who is ready to help you win.

" Why spend your time working to build someone else's dream
                   when you can be working to build yours!"

                                            These are the options available to you!

Option 1: Product Promotor
                You develop a hand full of regular customers, developing a part time                             income of  £/€/$200 to £/€/$500 per month.
Option 2: Business Leader
                 You work with other people either part or full time, to help them develop                        their own home based business using our proven online system,                                  developing incomes of £/€/$600 to £/€/$2,000+ per month.
Option 3: Business Developer
                Mentor others to develop independent businesses nationally or globally, to                               generate muliple income streams ranging from £/€/$2,000 to £/€/$20,000+ per                             month                               

For more information click the Contact us tab above and send us a web message:          Or you can message us direct on WhatsApp or email.                                                   

Phil and Rosytha Cony

Mobile -  (WhatsApp) 0034 643781651

Email - 

Our tried and tested Add Tag Message system will help you be successful in our business, working online for just 60-90 minutes per day using a laptop or a phone!

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